Total Cockfighting Solutions and Services for

Intelligent Enterprises

We specialize in providing end-to-end technology and content solutions and related services to both online and land-based channels either locally or international markets.

What We Offer

Sabong Network understands the unique goals and needs of each client. This is why our company adopts the most diverse and complete systems that cater for any land-based or online gaming operator through both standalone and hosted solutions.

Product & Services

A host of complete business services designed to guide clients in meeting their needs.

By establishing a partnership with us, clients can expect complete cockfighting-focused services and support aimed at enhancing lifetime player value, promoting a secure gaming environment, and ensuring cost-effective acquisition.

Game Setups:
  • Betting Website
  • Betting Console
  • Back-Office System
  • Agents System
  • Agents Platform
  • Bonus & Marketing Tool
  • Affiliate System
  • Payment Gateway
  • Website Development
  • Managed Technical Services
  • Operation Services
  • Marketing Services
Studio & Streaming Setups:
  • Production and Crew
  • Live Video Streaming Platform
  • Cloud Servers
  • Totalizator (Algorithm)
  • Match Controller System

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